The Carlucci Plan
Jacksonville moves best
when we all move together

Dear Neighbor,

This election we have an opportunity to re-elect an exceptional Councilman. Without hesitation, it is our pleasure to endorse Matt Carlucci.

By all measures, Matt is exceedingly qualified and is the clear choice for Jacksonville. This is an overwhelming consensus throughout our city, across a broad spectrum of neighboring communities and among both political parties. There are also a substantial number of non-political folks who just want reliable city services, such as consistent garbage pick-up and quality road surfacing. Additionally Matt has the support of generations of local leaders who care about our city and stakeholders who depend upon good schools and quality public safety. This is an important election for Jacksonville and this campaign is worthy of your vote.

Guided by Carlucci’s 3 Pillars, the Carlucci Plan showcases quality of living policy initiatives, public safety readiness, resilience for hurricanes and storms, and crime solutions creating a safer city.

Above all, our citizenry is seeking the peace of mind that accompanies trust. Anchored by Carlucci’s 3 Pillars, Matt has already demonstrated he is devoted wholeheartedly to following a strong moral compass throughout his life in public service. This compass governs his decisions, actions and votes on behalf of the people he serves.


Carlucci’s 3 Pillars:

★ Integrity
★ Transparency
★ Public Involvement

Matt is proven––


Recognized by his peers for professionalism and ethics in government, Matt Carlucci has earned the confidence of trusted community leaders, including the hardworking neighbors in the Campaign Committee and retired folks serving in an advisory capacity. The public has already begun to see examples of Carlucci’s Plan.

• Promoting Economic Development in Downtown and preserving Jacksonville’s Riverfront for public recreation and access, free and clear for all generations. Recent news coverage highlights the way Matt encourages public participation in Riverfront planning, instead of closed-door policies and practices.

• Improving Public Safety and creating a safer city can’t wait until Councilman Carlucci is re-elected. Recent news coverage highlights the way Matt has already begun the process to shut down strip clubs having patterns of criminal activity. In less than 24 hours after shooting deaths occurred on the premises of two strip clubs in one week’s time, he took immediate action. As our city council representative, Matt will ensures our Police and First Responders are well-equipped, properly deployed, and will double-down on community policing.

• Building strong neighborhoods, making every street in Jacksonville safe and clean. Recent news coverage highlights the way Matt is responding to citizens in every part of our city. These include an assisted housing complex being overrun by mice infestations where children are attempting to cope with day to day challenges of school, sleep, COVID, and the economic hardships of growing-up in challenging financial times.

Through Matt’s leadership, Jacksonville will change to become The Tale of One Seamless City. As our community works together to build a vibrant Jacksonville for this generation and the next, let’s all reach high because the future is too important to be lost under the burden of a divided city.

Matt is ready. He is able. He will make us proud.


Campaign Committee:

Micheal Ward • Audrey Moran • Randy Defoor • Warren Jones • Jim Love • Alberta Hipps • Joe Debs • Stephanie Garfunkel • David Miller • Cleve Warren • David Williams • Michael Balanky • Scott Powell • Brad Strayer • Cindy Edelman • Brooks Andrews • Jack Rowan • Cal Walton • Winston Seabrooks • Eric Yi • Bob Johnson