Recognized by his peers for professionalism and ethics in government,
Matt Carlucci has earned the confidence of trusted community leaders:

★ Michael Ward, CSX retired CEO
“I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend support for Matt Carlucci. Matt has shown courageous leadership on the most controversial issues facing our beloved city. He is always on the right side of ethical issues and forcefully leads on those issues. Matt loves Jacksonvillle and always thinks first of what’s best for all the citizens of Jacksonville. I urge everyone to support his re-election.”

★ Mary Anne Christensen, former Mayoral Press Secretary and Sheriff’s aid
“I have always admired Matt for his exemplary leadership, impeccable integrity and servant’s heart. With decades of experience, Matt understands the complexities of city government.

★ Bill Delaney
“Matt has two qualities essential to a good public servant and leader: the ability to listen and the tenacity not to back down from tough decisions. Matt also has the vision to help Jacksonville reach its potential and the proven experience to accomplish it. I encourage everyone, Republicans, Democrats and independents, to vote for Matt Carlucci.”

★ Warren Jones, School Board Member
“I have served with and known my friend Matt Carlucci since he was first elected in 1987. Matt has a great love and appreciation for all citizens of our wonderful city. I have witnessed and admired his tireless efforts to fulfill the promise of consolidation by improving our schools, replacing failing septic tanks, improving drainage and infrastructure. Matt has a passion for public service and fervently believes in treating every citizen with respect and dignity.”

★ Randy Defoor, Jacksonville City Council Member
“One thing for sure about Matt Carlucci is that his heart is driven by only one thought-what is best for his city, my city, our city-Jacksonville, and he has take-it-to-the-bank Integrity. Trust me, I am from a family of bankers. He truly has no other agenda, in my experience. His support for the JEA investigation was pivotal in stopping the biggest theft in Jacksonville history. Our work together on Resiliency has helped paved the way for our future. He will always serve with selfless devotion to our city, no matter the obstacles.”

★ Mayor John Delaney
“Matt is the perfect person for this [Florida Commission on Ethics] position, he’s absolutely square, but he’s not judgmental.”

★ Sheriff Nat Glover
“If I made a list of the most ethical people I know, Matt Carlucci would be one of the people at the top of the list.”

★ Bob Johnson, former City Council Auditor
“I have worked with Matt and his father for many years. Matt has always been a watchdog of our city finances, especially when he led the fight against selling & privatizing the JEA. Matt has thorough experience and a deep love for Jacksonville.”

★ Joe Debs, Business and Community Leader
“Matt is genuinely interested in and relates to persons in every community of Jacksonville. His experience and knowledge of local government is matched by his constant interest in doing the “right thing” regardless of political or party affiliation. These attributes combined with his passion to improve the lives of everyone in this great City make Matt an excellent candidate for re-election”

★ Stephanie Garry Garfunkel, Hightower Emerging Leaders Fellow
“Matt Carlucci is courageous with issues important to me as a young professional working downtown and a mother. I’ll never forget how he championed the half-penny for public schools and the Emerald Trail. Matt stands with the citizenry and knows how to get things done.”

★ David Miller, Jacksonville business leader
“Matt has always worked hard to enhance the quality of Jacksonville, economic development, driving jobs home and improving our public schools. He does this by bringing people together.”

★ Cleve Warren
“I have known Matt Carlucci long enough, and know enough about him to call him my friend; a word I don’t use lightly. My friend has been an honest, straightforward, informed, engaged and sober leader in our community. Matt challenges our thinking, raise our expectations, and realizes our mantra as The Bold New City of the South.”

★ Jim Love, former Jacksonville City Councilman and retired Navy CAPT, USNR.
“I have known Matt Carlucci for over 30 years and he has proven to me to be an outstanding leader. He has served on the City Council for 13 years including one year as president and on the State of Florida Ethics Commission were he served a year as the chairman.  Matt is the right choice for our great city.”

★ Alberta Hipps, former City Council President
“As a colleague on City Council, I’ve seen first-hand Matt’s ‘across the aisle’ work to build consensus, be ethical in his decision making and always having the best interest of Jacksonville at heart.”

★ David Williams, Interfaith Coordinator at JSO
“True Leadership is a sacrifice of one’s self for others. It is not selfish. Leadership is about being a servant, not being served. Most of our political figures today want to be treated like a celebrity. Matt is an everyday person – one who is able to communicate with all people. He’s a true leader that listens and works with everyone.”

★ Michael Balanky, 3rd generation Jacksonville native
“There’s an old saying that “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.” Matt Carlucci is a shining example of this ideal. Jacksonville is on the brink of greatness, but it will take tremendous integrity and a strong political will to see it through to fruition. Whatever the issue, Jacksonville can count on Matt to do the right thing and stay the course.”

★ Scott Powell, young professional and downtown advocate
“Since his return to City Council, Matt has demonstrated leadership on a number of issues important to a young voter like myself. He championed funding the Emerald Trail, helped block the sale of JEA, one of our greatest assets, and courageously stood up for our public schools. What’s most important to me, though, is that I know him to be a deeply ethical man, one who restores trust in our local government.”

★ Brad Strayer, Jacksonville Firefighter, retired
Matt Carlucci’s responsible direction on the city council gave firefighters the right resources for a well equipped, properly deployed and skillfully managed fire department. He continues to make important decisions that affect our first responders. I know Matt Carlucci well and recommend him without hesitation.

★ Cindy Edelman, Teacher & community leader
“Matt Carlucci has proven his commitment and leadership to our public schools, students, teachers, and parents through his strong backing of the half-cent sales tax which citizens passed successfully. After sending his children and grandchildren through public schools, he knows first hand how essential strong leadership is for successful schools in our emerging economy.”

★ Brooks Andrews, community leader
“The important issue of resilience to COJ never happened until Councilman Carlucci took the lead on it. Now Jacksonville has an office of resilience and a Chief Resiliency Officer.”

★ Eric Yi, young professional in commercial real estate
“I have known Mr. Carlucci since my high school years, when I got to know him and his family very well. I thoroughly respect his hard humble service and I’m thankful for his good works enhancing the quality of living for young families like my own. As a real estate professional, I uniquely recognize how his economic improvements equate to jobs and opportunities for everyone. My associates and friends alike are firmly supporting his re-election campaign with great vigor.”

★ Winston Seabrooks, College Freshman & Youth Advocate
“When you talk about leadership in this city the Carlucci name is one to know. Matt is a man that will bring trust back to this city and the people, a person who will make sure that young people on Jacksonville’s North and Eastside receive the same resources, opportunities and view on their communities as those across the bridge. Mr. Matt is someone you can talk to about City problems and after your conversation you can trust knowing he will fight to get something done for you. Matt Carlucci is fair, transparent, understanding, and doesn’t need on the job training – he aught to be our next Mayor.”

★ Cal Walton, Owner/Manager; Facilities Solutions of Northeast Florida,LLC
“For 25 years, I have known Matt Carlucci as a loving husband to his wife Karen, a close caring father to his sons Matthew Carlucci Jr. and Joe Carlucci II, a client committed businessman, a deliberate and experienced leader, a trusted statesman and an exceptional friend. He genuinely loves our city, and cares for its communities and all its citizens. He is a man with a foundation of integrity. I believe Matt Carlucci’s final term in office will be transformative.”